A Sworn Valuation is an independent and objective opinion of Market Value of a property by a Valuer who is willing to swear on the authenticity of his / her valuation.  The Sworn Valuer should preferably be a Certified Practising Valuer accredited by the Australian Property Institute (API), the peak body for property professionals in Australia. 


Whether selling or buying property a Sworn Valuation (or Certified Property Valuation / Certified Valuation) would be your best investment and the first piece of your selling/buying strategy.


If You're Selling... 

Because your asking price does not usually match a potential buyer's price perception, a Sworn Valuation by a Sworn Valuer is a powerful and convincing sales tool used to support this asking price. 



A Sworn Valuation also serves as a 'reality check', providing an unbias basis for the decision to sell or not to sell, and the final sale price. Knowing the Market Value of your property before you decide to put it on the market is important.



Sometimes charm and negotiation skills alone are insufficient to convince a potential buyer. An independent valuation by a Sworn Valuer could just be the 'secret' weapon you'll need to nudge the potential buyer into making the final decision.

If You're Buying...

Paying too much is one of the easiest and costliest mistakes to make in real estate. And its common. This is because many buyers (a) over-rate their own knowledge and believe they do not need advice; (b) rely on the value estimate from the developer or real estate agent; (c) use a valuer recommended by the developer, agent or marketer; or (d) get a valuation which doesn't support the price but buy it anyway.




As a Buyer a Sworn Valuation provides a basis for knowing what's the highest price to offer in a private deal or bid for in a public auction.

Why You Can Rely on a Certified Practising Valuer? 

When the Taxation Department, Family Court, Government, Banks or any other body dealing with money and assets require precise knowledge as to the value of real estate, they engage a professional valuer - a Certified Practising Valuer or a Sworn Valuer - someone who is able to stand up in a Court of Law and swear on oath as to the value of the piece of real estate in question.

All CPVs have to undergo years of on-the-job training and experience in the field, on top of rigorous degree-level education before they are eligible to sit in front of three of their peers (in an oral examination) and could be asked virtually any property valuation related question. Only if successful can they then qualify to be a Certified Practising Valuer who is accredited with the Australian Property Institute (API), Australia’s premier property professional organisation. Following accreditation CPVs continue to update their knowledge with regular professional development courses within the API.

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How is a Sworn Valuation Different from a Free Appraisal by an Estate Agent?

Real estate agents will provide this service with the hope that they may secure your property i.e. to list your property for sale. Real estate agents are constantly looking for new properties to sell as they can not stay in business without new properties to sell. A real estate agent is dependent on the sale of the property taking place to earn a commission, hence  an agent's appraisal is never independent. On the other hand, an accredited Sworn Valuer has no monetary interest (i.e. does not receive any commission) in the sale and earns a relatively small fee for a totally fair and independent valuation. 


But What About Those Instant Online 'Valuations'?

If you plan to treat your loved one to a good meal (I mean really good meal) would you take her/him to a fast food restaurant or prepare a meal for her/him with 2-minute noodles? How could these 'instant meals' compare with a meal prepared by a chef or trained cook?  Similarly, there are many reasons why an instant online 'valuation' cannot replace a human valuer. But suffice to say here that the old saying 'garbage in equals garbage out' apply to these instant valuations (or so-called Automated Valuation Models). 


What Users of Our Certified Valuations <or Sworn Valuations> Have to Say:




"The Certified Valuation <or Sworn Valuation> really came in handy when the prospect started talking about my asking price....I finally sold the shop...I believe I saved at least thirty to forty grand...”   - Ganesan R of Highett, VIC 

"When the interested couple saw the Market Value of my property on the Certified Valuation <or Sworn Valuation> report they immediately stopped haggling on the selling price!"  - Peter L of Croydon, VIC

“I've been working overseas for the past two and half years....needed to sell my unit in Brunswick but lost touch with the local property market and did not want to rely on the estate agent's appraisal. Your Certified Valuation <or Sworn Valuation> gave me comfort on how much to ask...I'm glad I paid the $360 which was worth at least $30,000.”  -  Rasheed M, Dubai

“We shall definitely use this fantastic sales aid when selling our next investment property!” - The Sanders of Newport, VIC

“..wished I used this service when I previously sold my two houses!”   - Dave K of Doncaster, VIC 


"We wanted a professional opinion on how much to offer for the warehouse. Thanks to your Certified Valuation <or Sworn Valuation> we ended paying a whooping $70K below the asking price!!”  - Importer, Hoppers Crossing, VIC 

"I needed an independent valuation of an apartment in South Yarra before paying the deposit...only seen coloured brochure of the property...I decided not to buy when the Certified Valuation <or Sworn Valuation> was 15% lower than the price list”  - Loh Shien of Hongkong 

"The strata office was what we were looking for but we did not want to over-bid at the auction. From your Certified Valuation <or Sworn Valuation> we were willing to add another $25,000 as the ceiling on what we were willing to pay...ended up as the winning bidder...and not paying more...due to our confidence in the true market value...”  - J Tuono of Glen Waverley, VIC 


How Much Does a Sworn Valuation Cost?

For Sellers, how much will it cost you for a delay in selling your property just because an interested buyer was not fully convinced that your asking price was reasonable

For Buyers, are you over-paying tens of thousands (or over $100,000 in some documented cases) for that property?


For a relatively small investment, you can have the comfort and assurance that a Sworn Valuation is carried out by a qualified, experienced and accredited property professional who is a Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) and current member of the Australian Property Institute (API), Australia’s premier property professional organisation. You'll get a second opinion and independent valuation of your property. For an actual quotation simply complete and submit the Request For Quotation form below.



Don't be "Penny Wise Pound Foolish" when Selling Your Property. Your Investment of $'00's Could Save You $'0,000's! 

Order a Sworn Valuation which is an ideal starting point for determining your asking price range, which is soundly based (if you are selling) OR a solid indicator to determine the limit of your private offer or public auction bid (if you are a buyer). To get an actual quote simply complete the form below and click on the 'submit' button.


By submitting this form you are are under no obligation to purchase any service.

Privacy Statement : All of the details you submit to us via the above electronic form shall be kept strictly confidential. The information will not be shared with, or sold on to, any third party.

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Yours sincerely,

Joseph Lee   

Joseph Lee   AAPI, CPV

Property Consultant
Certified Practising Valuer

GradDipProperty (Distinction)

B Engineering (Civil)
Member of the Australian Property Institute

P/S  What Makes Me Think I am Qualified to Provide You with a Sworn Valuation...and Why Should You Trust My Opinion of Value??


Well...in the last 13 years plus I have spent most of my waking hours (except Sundays) on property...

...reading about property...
...writing about property...
...talking about property...
...studying about property...
...inspecting and measuring property...
...taking photos of property...
...driving around property neighbourhoods...
...looking at property titles, subdivision plans and zoning information...
...researching and analysing sold and leased property...
...attending property open houses and auctions...
...rationalising property values...
...adopting various valuation methodology to determine property values...
...keeping ahead with the latest property news...
...analysing building plans and construction costs...
...viewing contracts of sale and leases...
...and the list goes on.

I have been involved in the valuation of some 2,000 properties ranging from detached dwellings, vacant land parcels, shops and factories to high rise office buildings, apartments blocks and development projects.

With my Civil Engineering foundation coupled with over 18 years of non-property related experience in sales, marketing and general management of predominantly building materials enterprises, I believe I can provide you with more than just FAIR, HONEST and INDEPENDENT valuations.

Serving all suburbs within Melbourne Metropolitan

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